To highlight the distinctive spicy, rich flavors of Rye grain we crafted our Diablo’s Shadow Devil’s Eye Rye from 100% Rye grain with the same Grain To Glass techniques that you will find in all of our spirits.

Each bottle of Rye Whiskey we produce enters our distillery as whole Rye grain.  We mill, mash, distill and barrel onsite at our distillery and always age on new American oak.  The result is an in-your-face big Rye Whiskey you won’t be able to stop pouring.

Why do we call it Devil’s Eye Rye?  The name refers to the 10-million-candlepower aerial navigation beacon found on top of Mt Diablo known as the Eye of Diablo.  Erected in 1928 by Standard Oil, the Eye of Diablo can be seen for hundred of miles when lit.