At the Sutherland Distilling Company, we take great pride in being environmentally responsible and sustainable. Where possible, we have incorporated reclaimed materials into the building of our distillery. Our barrel racks and work benches are hand built using salvaged lumber from an early 20th century home in the South San Francisco Peninsula. Our tasting bar is made from a reclaimed old-growth redwood beam taken the original Highway 50 bridge spanning Trout Creek just past the Y as you com into South Lake Tahoe.

We also made it a point to promote sustainable practices in the manufacture of our spirits. After distillation, our spent grains are de-watered using a large basket press, and recycled back to local farmers to be used as feed for livestock. Not only does this make a great food source for sheep and cows, but it considerably lessens our impact on the local sewer system by reducing our distillery’s biological oxygen demand.

The manufacture of alcohol products such as beer, wine and spirits requires a large amount of water during production. We have found a way to eliminate much of this waste with our custom built cooling water system. One hundred percent of our cooling water (used to cool the mash before fermentation and cool the columns of the still during distillation), is recycled through our 2000 gallon poly-water tank. This closed system pumps cold water from the bottom of the tank, and returns warm water to the top of the tank during production, then passively cools overnight back to room temperature and is reused the following day. Not a drop goes down the drain.

At the Sutherland Distilling company, we do not just want to create great spirits, we want to create great spirits responsibly!