Our goal when we founded the Sutherland Distilling Company was simple:  Create exceptional, locally handcrafted spirits.

We believe the only way to achieve this is by having total control and understanding of every ingredient that goes into our bottle. We mill the raw grains, we cook the mash, we distill the spirits. No shortcuts, no exceptions. This technique is commonly referred to as grain to glass distilling. But for us, we wanted our understanding of our product to go a step farther. Where did the raw ingredients come from? Where were the grains grown? How were they farmed and by whom? We are blessed to have a distillery located next to some of the most fertile farmland in the world which provides us with the perfect opportunity to take our knowledge, understanding, and control of our spirits to this next step.

This philosophy, this desire for total control of our ingredients, from when the seed it planted in the earth until the spirit is poured into your glass, is what we call “Soil To Spirit Craft Distilling.”

It’s not just our philosophy, it is our commitment to our customers. When you read words like “Handcrafted,” “Local,” and “Craft Distillery” on our bottles, you will believe us, you will trust us, and you will taste the difference.